Remind101 Instant Message Reminders Set Up

1) Create a new contact: ORHS Choir Reminders (385-218-6781)
2) Send one or more of the following text messages to your new contact according to the group(s) you wish to follow (be sure to include the “@”):

@acp1 – 1st Period A Cappella Choir
@cwp7 – 7th Period Concert Women
@ccp2 – 2nd Period Chorale
@mcp4 – 4th Period Mens Choir
@chof – Choir Officers (closed group; will remove all non-officers)
@orrc – All Region Choir Candidates
@orbc – Choir Parent Booster Club Members
@orh – Show Choir 

3) Follow any additional instructions (such as entering your name)
4) Repeat for each group that applies to you
5) You will receive reminders about important things regarding each group throughout the year in the form of a text message from the contact you created.


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