Pop Show Solo Results!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! We are so proud of each one of you, and because we had such a good turnout of singers, it made our job really difficult in picking solos. Please remember the bigger picture – you all have accomplished so much this year, and even if you don’t make the show, don’t let that discourage you. Keep practicing and keep working at it!

Solos for the group numbers are on the second sheet of the PDF below. Some are still to be determined.


Booster Club Meeting

The last booster club meeting of the school year will take place Monday, April 25 at 6pm in the ORHS Choir room. We will be electing the officers for next school year and going over the upcoming banquet. Parent attendance is extremely important and needed for our Booster Club to be successful and supportive of our growing choir program. Please make plans to attend. The more the merrier!!

Current Happenings

Last week all 5 choirs performed at UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest at The Centrum. Every choir received “hardware” from the event. Click the link below to hear recordings from UIL.

UIL Recordings

Cantabile & Chorale: Superior ratings in sight reading
Men’s Choir: Superior rating in concert.
A Cappella: Sweepstakes (superior ratings in concert and sight reading)
Rhapsody: Sweepstakes (superior ratings in concert and sight reading)

DC Festival:
A Cappella & Men’s Choir performed at the Director’s Choice Music Festival held at Spring HS on Friday, April 15. Both choirs walked away with a Superior Rating and Best In Class Awards from the competition.

Spring Trip:
The choir trip to San Antonio was a blast. Everyone had an enjoyable time at Fiesta Texas, Sea World, and Dave and Busters. Luckily the weather held off until we were on our way home and we weren’t flooded out.

Choir Social/Mask Selection Party:
This Friday we will be having a social from 3:00-5:30pm in the choir room. We will be watching a movie and hanging out. Bring your own snacks and drinks for the event.

Students who purchased a banquet ticket by April 15, will also take this time to select a free mask from the Booster Club. Those who receive a free mask but are unable to attend, will still be able to choose one the following week. Boosters has plenty to choose from, so no worries.

Pop Show Auditions:
Due to the weather this week, pop show auditions have been moved to next Monday and Tuesday, April 25 & 26 after school. Please make sure you have a cellular device or CD to play the karaoke track for your audition. No instruments will be allowed (guitar, etc.)

Please click the link below to see if your student’s name is on the list for owing a choir fee. Currently we are unable to purchase shirts for the Pop Show on May 12 & 13. Throughout this year we have purchased new dresses, tuxedos, and other items for our growing program and are now left with a balance that cannot support it.

Outstanding balances need to be rectified ASAP. Fees follow students every year if not paid and will result in your student being unable to attend Prom, Homecoming, or even Graduation. VOE’s will also be held for students looking to get a permit or driver’s license.

Fees Owed

Please e-mail the directors if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!


Friday Competition Information

The A Cappella and Men’s choirs will be competing at the DC Festival at Spring HS on Friday afternoon. Students need to be in choir polo and jeans for the event. This includes all students in both singing groups, regardless if they are going to San Antonio.

All students will come to the choir room at the beginning of 8th period.
*This includes the Cantabile and Chorale students going to San Antonio*

Friday April 15, 2016:
2:10 – Load busses and depart for Spring HS
(spring trip students on charter bus/competitors on school bus)
3:00 – A Cappella Warm – Up
3:25 –  A Cappella Performance
3:35 –  Men’s Choir Warm – Up
4:00 – Men’s Choir Performance
5:00 ish – Competitors head back to Oak Ridge High School
Spring Trip students depart for San Antonio – Dinner en route
5:30 –  Student drop off at ORHS/Parents ready for pick up
( Mrs. Peters-booster president, will be with the students until all are picked up)

If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail. Spring Trip packets were sent out earlier in the week. You can find more information on the previous webpage post.

Spring Trip Information

I had hopes to record myself making a video going over the itinerary, but I kept stumbling over my words. A blog post about it will be much better!

  • All traveling students need to wear their choir polo & jeans and tennis shoes on Friday.
  • Students need to drop their luggage off Friday morning in the choir room. It will be locked and secured in the library, practice room, and closet.
  • A Cappella, Men’s Choir, and students traveling to San Antonio from Chorale & Cantabile are to report to the CHOIR ROOM at the beginning of 8th period. Communicate with your 8th period teacher that you will not be there.
  • Parents traveling with us to San Antonio will need to meet in the choir room by 1:45PM.
  • Performing choirs will wear their choir polo & jeans on stage. Stay in these outfits for the duration of the evening.
  • When we leave from Spring HS to San Antonio, we will stop for dinner on the way. Bring money for dinner.

Please be smart about what type of clothes you are packing. You may wear shorts and tank tops, but if I have to question your choice in clothing, one of the directors will require you to purchase clothes from the parks to cover what needs to be covered.

Read the itinerary carefully! Think ahead about what you should bring. Sunscreen is very important!

Weekly Update April 4-8

Please click the link to see the updated list of students who currently owe on the choir fee. Any unpaid fees will follow a student until Senior year, prohibiting them from obtaining a diploma, prom ticket, etc.

Fees Owed

Men’s choir will have a MANDATORY after school rehearsal on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. More information pertaining to the rehearsal and UIL can be found on the link below. Information will also be sent out next week



UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest:

Here is an itinerary of the trip (can also be accessed HERE via PDF).

UIL Concert & Sight Reading Competition Itinerary
The Centrum
6823 Cypresswood Drive
Spring, TX 77379

Chorale & Cantabile
Wednesday, April 13 (Blue Day)

7:00 AM Call time to choir room IN UNIFORM – black shoes, hemmed dress (bring outfit to change into for later), warm up
7:30 AM Load bus to The Centrum
8:30 AM Arrive at The Centrum
8:40 AM Cantabile Warm Up
9:00 AM Cantabile Performance
9:20 AM Cantabile Sight-Reading
9:40 AM Cantabile & Chorale Watch performances
10:40 AM Chorale Warm Up
11:00 AM Chorale Performance
11:20 AM Chorale Sight-Reading
11:40 AM Load bus to go back to ORHS
12:30 PM Change to school clothes and go to D Lunch

Men’s Choir, A Cappella Women, Rhapsody
Thursday, April 14 (Red Day)

10:50 AM Men’s Choir & A Cappella Released from 5th and 7th period, eat at A lunch
11:20 AM Change to formals
11:45 AM Warm Up in Choir Room
12:15 PM Load bus to The Centrum
1:05 PM Arrive at The Centrum, watch performances
1:40 PM Men’s Choir Warm Up (A Cappella watch performances)
2:00 PM Men’s Choir Performance
2:20 PM Men’s Choir Sight-Reading
2:40 PM A Cappella Women Warm Up (Men’s Choir watch performances)
3:00 PM A Cappella Women Performance
3:20 PM A Cappella Women Sight-Reading
4:20 PM Rhapsody Warm Up (Men’s Choir & A Cappella watch performances)
4:40 PM Rhapsody Performance
5:00 PM Rhapsody Sight-Reading
5:20 PM Load buses to go back to ORHS
6:10 PM Arrive at ORHS and GO HOME!

Make sure parents are here by this time to pick you up if you do not drive.

Spring Trip:
Contest Friday afternoon April 15
Leave for San Antonio after competition
Fiesta TX, Sea World, and Dave & Busters
Return Sunday evening
Trip Handbook & Itinerary will be posted later this week

** UPDATE – Here is the 2016 San Antonio Handbook & Itinerary **

Pop Show Auditions:
Auditions will be held Monday, April 18 & Tuesday, April 19 after school.
Sign ups will be on the choir bulletin board in April.
Only 2 auditions slots per student allowed.

Read the following PDF file for specific information:

2016 Pop Show Auditions Info