End of Month Update

Choir Trip:
The last payment towards to choir trip is on Wednesday, February 28. The booster club has given $25 towards every student going on the trip for participating in SNAP Raise in the fall. If your student fully paid the trip at this time, they will instead receive a free banquet ticket for fundraising. Please see the link below to see the new amount your student owes for next week. This needs to be paid ASAP so final payments can be made to the tour company. Information and details about the trip will be given out in March.


This past weekend Susie and Kendall participated in the TMEA All State Choir in San Antonio. They spent 4 days rehearsing with students from all over Texas and with Conductor, Pearl Shangkuan, from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The concert was beautiful! Hard work and dedication to your craft can lead to wonderful moments.



Solo Schedule

Thank you all for being so patient while the schedule was being made, tweaked, revised, edited, and all of the above! In class this week you will receive a letter to fill out with all of your personal contest information as well as the details of the contest itself. If you have any questions or need a change we will work as hard as we can to accommodate that need/request. Please now that what you want may not be possible at this time. Contact Mr. Smith at jamsmith@conroeisd.net ASAP if you have an issue.

Friday Solo Schedule

Saturday Solo Schedule