April: Here We Go!

Pre-UIL: ~ Monday, April 2, 2018 ~ ORHS Auditorium @ 7:00pm
– Students are called at 5:00pm
– Students staying after will be able to purchase pizza from booster club after 3:30
– Uniform is formal: Choir Dress or Tuxedo, Black dress shoes
– Informational letter being sent home Tuesday/Wednesday with students

UIL Rehearsals:
– April 2: Varsity Men 3-4pm
Combined Concert Women & Cantabile 3-4pm
– April 3:  Varsity Women 3-5pm with Mrs. Orr from Montgomery HS
– April 9:  Varsity Men 3-5pm with Dr. Horton
– April 10: Combined Concert Women & Cantabile 3-5pm
– April 12: Varsity Women 3-5pm
– April 19: Varsity Men 3-5pm / Combined Concert Women & Cantabile 3-5pm

Spring Trip:
The Spring Trip is April 13-15, 2018 to Dallas, TX
An informational packet will be handed out on at the parent meeting
The parent meeting is Monday, April 9 @ 6:30pm in the Choir Room
This is a MANDATORY meeting for parents/students

Pop Show Auditions:
Students interested in auditioning for a spot in pop show can sign up for auditions the week of April 9-10. Auditions will be held after school April 16 & 17. Students are allowed to audition for either a solo or a group/duet. Students can audition no more than twice. The combination is either #1 -solo #2 -group or #1 -group #2 -group.
Audition tips and preferences from the directors:
1. Song needs to be under 4 minutes (if possible)
2. Song needs to be energetic more so than slow
3. Song must be appropriate and lyrics clean
4. Song must be prepared and MEMORIZED
5. Must bring your own flash drive/cd for the audition
(For example: do not sing Adele/Beyonce if you have a smaller/quieter voice)

Choral Excellence Competition:
The combined Varsity Men’s Choir will be traveling to Houston on April 23 for a choir competition. This is really just to have another chance to sing together before UIL. More information on the event will come out in mid-April.

UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest:
UIL Contest is slated for April 24-26, 2018 at Montgomery High School
We currently do not have a schedule of the date and times we will sing
Once we know, an itinerary will be posted and given out to all students

Pop Show Rehearsals in May:
A fully detailed rehearsal schedule and letter will be coming out in early April
Rehearsal dates are already posted on the calendar for those wanting to secure time off from work, etc. There are no excuses for not planning ahead!

Choir Banquet:
Envelope order forms are being sent out to all students who would like one.
Inside you will find a banquet ticket order form. Fill it out and return it with the money for the ticket(s) by April 2 to Mr. Smith and Mr. Kay.
Banquet is Friday, May 4, 2018 at Hochzeit Hall in “Old Town Spring”


Welcome to March!

March is here! Can you believe we only have 12 more weeks of school? Time is flying by!

Choir Fees: Please see the list below and check if your name is there. If so, you still owe toward your choir fee. Please pay on this amount or you will not be participating in the pop show in May.
3:6:18 Fees List

Choir Trip:
All trip payments have been made, except for 2 students. Those students are aware, so everyone else on the trip is paid and good to go. Make sure you pass your classes!

Choir Candle Fundraiser:
We started the candle fundraiser last week. Order forms and money are due by FRIDAY, MARCH 2. Please make sure checks have the DOB and DL# by the check information. Orders should hopefully be in by the end of March, early April.

Choir Test Retakes and Solo Grades:
***Students who need to retake for Mr. Kay must do so Friday, March 9 by 11:30 or will keep their initial grade
***Students who need to sing their solo for Mr. Smith must do so by Friday, March 9 by 11:30 or will receive a 60 major test grade.

The end of 3rd nine weeks is Friday, March 9 (also a half day). Students who fail any class will become ineligible. This means they are unable to attend UIL at the end of April. The only way to attend is to pass all classes on this report card or pass the 1st progress report on April 6. If a student does not attend UIL due to grades, they will no longer be eligible to participate in the end of year pop show. GRADES ARE VERY IMPORTANT IN CHOIR THIS TIME OF YEAR! We need all of our students to be singing with us. We are a team!

UIL Sectionals begin after Spring Break!
Sectionals are from 3:00 – 5:00 pm in the choir room
March 19 – All basses
March 20 – All tenors (until 4:30pm)
March 21 – Sopranos from Concert Women and Cantabile
March 22 – Altos from Concert Women and Cantabile
March 26 – All tenors (until 4:30pm)
March 27 – All basses (until 4:30pm)
March 28 – Altos from Concert Women and Cantabile
March 29 – Sopranos from Concert Women and Cantabile

Pre-UIL Concert
is April 2, 2018 at 7:00pm in the ORHS Auditorium. Students are allowed to stay after.
Call time will be 5:00pm for set-up and practice.
Uniform is formal attire (dress/tuxedo).
Combined Concert Women/Cantabile have rehearsal April 2 at 3:00
Combined Men from Cantus, Concert Men, and Chamber have rehearsal April 2 at 3:00