Pop Show Choreography/Tech Schedule

Rehearsals for pop show choreography are from 3-5pm. Please read the info below and mark your calendars. Single song days may be done before 5 if we work efficiently.

Choreography rehearsals are required. Please bring in documentation if needing to miss.
Monday: May 7
3:00 – All students choreo for Don’t Stop Believin’
4:00 – Chorale choreo for Halo/Walkin On Sunshine

Tuesday: May 8
3:00 – Cantus/Concert Men choreo forĀ Soul Man

Wednesday: May 9
3:00 – Concert Women/Cantabile/Chorale choreo for Cheap Thrills
4:00 – Concert Women/Cantabile choreo for Never Getting Back Together

Thursday: May 10
3:00 – A Cappella/Concert Men/Cantus/Chamber Singers choreo for This Is Me

Students who miss rehearsals without proper communication/documentation will be pulled from the show and do an alternate pop show project for a major grade.
Monday: May 14
3:00 – 5:00pm – Mandatory stage rehearsal in auditorium ALL STUDENTS
5:00 – 7:00 pm – Soloists/Group rehearsal with mic check

Tuesday: May 15
3:00 – 5:30pm – Mandatory stage rehearsal in auditorium ALL STUDENTS

Wednesday: May 16
3:00 – 5:30pm – Mandatory DRESS REHEARSAL in auditorium ALL STUDENTS

Thursday: May 17
3:00 – 5:30pm – Mandatory DRESS REHEARSAL in auditorium ALL STUDENTS

Friday: May 18
5:00pm – Mandatory call time/learn bows and exit strategy

Saturday: May 19
5:30pm – Mandatory call time/show notes and SENIOR PHOTO

Pop Show Results

Please download the Updated Spring Calendar for all dates pertaining to pop show. Results can be found by clicking the link next to the Updated Spring Calendar link.

Ready, Set, UIL!

April is flying by and UIL is here! This week, students were given an itinerary for UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest. Talk with your student about next weeks events and make sure you are aware of what they need to do the day of contest. Information will also be detailed below.

Men’s Choir Competition of Excellence: Monday, April 23 – South Main Baptist
Released at the beginning of 5th period to eat A Lunch then come to the choir room
Change into tuxedos and leave at 12:30pm
Warm up at 2:00 / Perform at 2:40
Arrive at ORHS around 3:45-4:00 if traffic is light.

Varsity Ensembles UIL Contest: Wednesday, April 25 – Montgomery High School
Released at the beginning of 5th period to eat A Lunch
Change into formal uniforms and leave at 12:30pm
A Cappella 2:00/2:20/2:40
Men 3:20/3:40/4:00
Chamber 4:40/5:00/5:20
A Cappella and Men will depart for ORHS at 4:45pm
Chamber Singers will depart for ORHS at 5:45pm
All Students will return and turn in their formal uniforms before being released

Non-Varsity Ensembles UIL Contest: Thursday, April 26 – Montgomery High School
Chorale: Arrive at ORHS by 6:05am – Depart for Montgomery at 6:30am
-Arrive dressed in formal uniform
-Bring a change of clothes for when you return to campus
Cantabile/Concert Women: Come to choir room at the beginning of school
-Will change into formal uniforms during 2nd period (1st block)
-Will leave for UIL 8:30am
All students will turn in their formal uniforms before returning to class

Pop Show Auditions:
Thank you to all who auditioned for Pop Show this week. We heard some really great singing the past two days and we are so lucky to have amazing singers in our program. Results will be posted when they are posted. Please understand that so much goes into the selection process of solos and it takes time. When choosing performers we look at:
song selection (does it fit your voice) / song appropriateness for pop show
is the song too slow / the style of the song and balancing that with others like it
length of the song / audience attention during the performance

You will all be notified by Remind101 when results are posted.
You will be able to find the results here on the choir website.

Pop Show Choreography Rehearsals:
Please go to the documents tab and download the Updated Calendar
There you will have information for April and May events and when to be at rehearsals